S'Thel Oasis Dungeon
SThel Oasis
Dungeon entrance in S'Thel


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Key Required/Legend

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Number of Chests

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Floor Size Width x Height (+ Number of Rooms)

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Monsters Per Room

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Monster/Chance of Dropping

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Items In Chests/Chance of Dropping

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This dungeon has a wickedly deceptive name. The entrance is located behind the Genie's Den in the town of S'Thel. It is currently the largest dungeon with 10 levels.In 2. floor is way to Holy Pasture.

Monster types include Bone Guards, Manticores, Giant Snails, Widows, Imps, Skulls, Liches, Ghouls, Arch Mages, Dark Mages, and Vampires.

Bosses include the Cyclops, Beholder, and Chaos Knight

Chests contain all potion types, gold, dart traps, spike traps, and (info needed).


First Floor: Bone Guard, Manticore

Second Floor: Liche, Ghoul

Third Floor: Manticore, Bone Guard, Cyclops (Legend)

Fourth Floor: Manticore, Giant Snail

Fifth Floor: Imp, Skull, Widow

Sixth Floor: Liche, Ghoul, Beholder (Legend)

Seventh Floor: Manticore, Liche, Ghoul

Eighth Floor: Liche, Arch Mage, Dark Mage

Ninth Floor: Arch Mage, Liche, Ghoul

Tenth Floor: Vampire, Arch Mage, Liche, Dark Mage, Chaos Knight (Legend)