S'Thel Oasis
S'Thel Oasis
Map of S'Thel Oasis

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The Spikey Cactus

Magic Shop

The Genie's Den

Town Leader Location

Council Rooms

Weapon & Armor Shop

Metak's Weapon Shop

Town Dungeon

S'Thel Oasis Dungeon


  • Tooth Ache - Level 12 - Gather 8 teeth for a reward
  • Lost Child - Level 13 - Rescue the lost Child


Desert Valley


This is probably the second town the player will reach.

This town is most likely the second town players will see. The town currently holds the largest dungeon that contains many rare items. There are currently 2 quests for Level 12/13 players. From this town, the player can exit to the Desert Valley, to the right, or to the Shrine, to the left. If the player has been to the portal in the lighthouse in Toronega City, there will be a portal in the Shrine to the lighthouse. There is a dungeon in the back of the Genie's Den (magic shop). The S'Thel Oasis Dungeon has 10 floors. On the second floor is a green portal that will take the player to the Holy Pasture. Once the player has reached level 50 they may go there and speak to Kayla to choose a class upgrade.

The Spikey CactusEdit

Polini: Sell and buy most food. Player can buy:

Player can sell:

The Genie's DenEdit

Squani: Sell and buy most magical items. Player can buy:

Player can sell: Treasures and most magical items for less than what they are worth.

Council RoomsEdit

K'Atel: Able to give quests and heal others. Healing is free and unlimited.

Metak's Weapon ShopEdit

Metak: Sell and buy most weapons and armor. Player can buy:

Player can sell: Most weapons and armor for less then what they are worth.