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Legends of Yore is a turn based game that is great for playing for short period's of time or when you have nothing to do. The possibilities in this game are huge, you have to fight your way through to the rest of the world. In the other islands the different lands get harder the dungeons are more difficult and more intense. Just make sure you're prepared and it'll be lots of fun.

This casual game has very short dungeons and saves after each floor, meaning you can pick up and complete a floor or two during your lunch break. On death you will be able to play from the last time you saved, so no worries! Unlike most rogue-like games, you can find cities and many dungeons around the world and explore at your own pace. This is yet still a very simple game with very simple controls. If you want, you can play with your mouse alone. This game can be found as an app for the iPhone and in the Android Market.

There are three different classes to choose from, the Warrior, the Archer and the Wizard. The Warrior fights purely with melee weapons like, swords, maces, flails, clubs... The Archer fights with a bows and daggers. The Wizards uses staffs. They are also the only class capable of learning spells, such as fireball, weaken, freeze,explosion, etc.

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