Aria Town
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The Crooked Beak

Magic Shop

The Shrowded Orb

Town Leader Location

Town Hall

Weapon & Armor Shop


Town Dungeon

Aria Dungeon (officially nameless)


  • Them Bones - Level 1 - Kill 20 Skeletons
  • Deliver the Goods - Level 1 - Deliver the Package to Yoregot
  • Pelting Them - Level 11 - Gather 10 Dog Pelts



This is the player starting town and spawning point.

This town is the very first town any player will see as they spawn here. This town also holds the very first dungeon that any player will see and most likely do and complete. Player can buy or sell items and get healed. The order of items when selling depend on the order that you have them in your inventory. The Guard keeps new players from leaving town until they become Level 6.

The Crooked BeakEdit

Yoregot: Sell and buy most food. Player can buy:

Player can sell:

Old Man: Give new players helpful tips of the game about of town, about how play and about of zen, rage and charge.

Hawkeye: Give tips for characthers of range attack.

The Shrowded OrbEdit

Morin: Sell and buy most magical items. Player can buy:

Player can sell: Treasures and most magical items for less then what they are worth.

Town HallEdit

Elder: Able to give quests and heal others. Healing is free and unlimited.


Arnie: Sell and buy most weapons and armor. Player can buy:

Player can sell: Most weapon and armor for less then what they are worth.